Family Programming

Family Programs

Asheville & Western North Carolina Eating Disorder Treatment

When someone has an eating disorder, it can cause confusion and even arguments with their family members. A family member might feel like they’re being blamed for their loved one’s eating disorder, or they may be unable to understand why the person affected can’t simply “stop” the behavior. It is important to remember that eating disorders are caused by a variety of factors, including genetics, social structures, culture, environment, and more. It is no one’s “fault” and no one can simply stop their eating disorder.

The person with an eating disorder has to decide that they want to address the issue. It is generally not recommended to force a person into treatment unless the situation is dire and they have been assessed by a Clinical Director. The core issues of the disorder have to be addressed. Family involvement can help with this, so long as everyone comes to the table with an earnest desire to listen, understand, and work towards a solution.

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Our Approach to Family Involvement

At Tapestry, we incorporate at least one family meeting per week for our clients (this may vary depending on the patient’s circumstances). We encourage family and community involvement throughout the treatment process. When possible, we recommend in-person meetings, but over the phone and skype meetings can be arranged as well.

We also host family weekends once a month at our Brevard and Asheville locations, and every other week in Fletcher. During these weekends, clients are encouraged to invite up to two supportive family members or friends to participate in programming. Programming includes:

  • A psychoeducational group
  • Nutrition education
  • A process group

Clients and families often express a desire to share and/or know more about what happens throughout the treatment process. Tapestry clients are well acclimated to the therapeutic process during their time here. It is understandable that family members feel uncertain about what to expect from a family day therapeutic experience. Please know that the Tapestry treatment team is aware of each individual’s various degrees of experience within a therapeutic setting. We do our best to ensure that we meet people’s individualized needs.

For more information about our family programs, call us at (828) 490-4032.