Adolescent Mental Health and Eating Disorders Treatment in Fletcher, NC

Adolescent Behavioral Health in Fletcher, NC

Located in the serene town of Fletcher, North Carolina, Tapestry’s Adolescent Program blends modern facilities with a comforting atmosphere, ideal for young individuals aged 12 to 17 who are seeking treatment for primary mental health disorders and primary eating disorders. Nestled conveniently between the vibrant city of Asheville and the charming town of Hendersonville, this location is easily accessible yet maintains a sense of tranquility essential for healing.

Our facility in Fletcher has been thoughtfully designed with adolescents in mind. The modern architecture and cheerful decor create an environment that is both engaging and soothing, making it an ideal setting for therapy and personal growth. The interior spaces are carefully arranged to foster a sense of safety and belonging, crucial for adolescents undergoing mental health and eating disorders treatment.

At Tapestry Fletcher, our focus is on providing a comprehensive treatment experience that addresses the various aspects of adolescent mental health and eating disorders. Our proximity to both Asheville and Hendersonville allows for the integration of local resources and community involvement, enhancing the therapeutic experience. In addition to being convenient for families in the surrounding areas, this location embodies the serene North Carolina landscape, contributing to a calm and healing atmosphere.

We believe that family involvement is crucial for our adolescent clients’ recovery. Each member of our treatment team works closely with every individual client and their caregivers to ensure that their unique needs are being met. Our residential treatment program for adolescents offers weekly family therapy sessions and family education to strengthen our clients’ support systems and foster a healthy, well-equipped home environment where they can thrive after they leave treatment.

Tapestry’s adolescent program in Fletcher, NC, is more than just a treatment facility. This nurturing environment where young individuals can find support, understanding and the tools they need to navigate their mental health challenges offers a beacon of hope and healing for adolescents and their families.

Academic Support

At Tapestry Fletcher, we’re committed to providing support that addresses the unique needs and experiences of adolescents, and recognize that individuals in this life stage juggle many competing priorities. We’re here to help teens prioritize their mental health without sacrificing their future goals.

Our facility partners with a licensed, private program that coordinates with clients’ schools to help them stay up-to-date, and our treatment schedule includes dedicated time for clients to focus on their studies.

At Tapestry Fletcher, our programming follows a very structured weekly schedule which includes a variety of activities and skill-building sessions tailored to adolescents, including:

  • Mindfulness
  • Yoga
  • Problem-solving
  • Ecotherapy
  • Body image
  • Art therapy
  • Life skills

Contact Tapestry today at (828) 490-4032 for a confidential consultation about a mental health or behavioral health problem that is affecting you or your loved one. 

At Tapestry Fletcher, we provide treatment for a wide range of mental health disorders and illnesses, including:

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