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Primary Mental Health, Co-Occurring & Eating Disorder Treatment Near Asheville, NC

Tapestry’s Asheville location accepts clients in need of partial hospitalization (PHP) and intensive outpatient (IOP) levels of care for struggles related to mental health, eating disorders or co-occurring disorders.

Our mission is to empower clients to live fuller, healthier lives. To that end, we have designed our programs to achieve sustainable, lasting results. Tapestry’s Asheville facility is staffed with highly skilled and experienced clinicians specializing in mental health treatments backed by scientific evidence, including acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT).

Gender-Identity-Specific Treatment in Asheville, NC

Located in the diverse community of Asheville, NC, Tapestry is dedicated to offering compassionate and specialized behavioral health treatment. Within our inclusive environment, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, including people who identify as women, non-binary individuals and transgender men can find safety, comfort and nonjudgmental support. We emphasize the importance of meeting every individual client’s unique needs. Our staff are trained to provide gender-specific trauma support, enforce strong anti-bullying and harassment policies and offer therapeutic support tailored to address the specific challenges faced by those who identify within the LGBTQIA+ or queer spectrum. In addition, our facility maintains gender-inclusive restrooms. At Tapestry Asheville, our goal is to create a safe, understanding and supportive space that resonates with the values and needs of the Asheville community.

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What Tapestry in Asheville, NC Offers

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) in Asheville, NC: Comprehensive Care Approach

Located in the heart of Asheville, NC, our facility offers a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) that embodies the spirit of holistic healing and community care unique to the region. Incorporating a blend

of traditional and innovative therapies, this program is meticulously designed to cater to the mental health needs of the Asheville community.

In-Depth Group Therapy in PHP

  • Process Groups: Providing a safe space for clients to engage in emotional processing —an essential aspect of mental health recovery — our process groups reflect Asheville’s supportive community ethos.

  • Modality-Specific Groups: We offer a variety of therapeutic modalities including ACT, CBT, DBT and Schema Therapy, allowing clients to explore different paths to wellness in a supportive group setting.

  • Specialized Therapies: Unique to our Asheville location, we include therapies that resonate with the region’s rich artistic and natural heritage and culture, such as equine-assisted therapy, music therapy and art therapy.

  • Additional Therapeutic Activities: Emphasizing Asheville’s focus on holistic well-being, we offer activities like recreational/experiential therapy, life skills training, dietary/nutrition and culinary sessions, body image workshops and other recovery-focused groups. In addition to aiding in clients’ recovery, these sessions also align with Asheville’s community values centered around health, nature and self-improvement.

Personalized Individual Therapy in PHP

  • One-on-One Care: Each client receives weekly one-hour sessions with licensed professionals (LCWSA and LCMHCA) to ensure personal growth, dedicated support and individualized attention and care.

Comprehensive Case Management in PHP

  • All-Encompassing Support: Our team offers weekly meetings with CADC/NCCPSS for instrumental support. This includes assistance with FMLA, disability, and unemployment paperwork, coordination of care, criminal justice needs, medical referrals and discharge planning, reflective of the diverse needs of members of the Asheville area community.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) Options in Asheville

Our facility provides flexible IOP options to fit Asheville residents’ dynamic work, educational and family lives. IOP is available in five- and three-day per week formats, accommodating the varied schedules of our clients.

Flexible Group Therapy in IOP

  • Adaptive Options: Therapy groups within the IOP are based on availability and offer a range of options aligning with Asheville area residents’ diverse interests and needs.

Scheduled Individual Therapy in IOP

  • Regular Sessions: Our clients benefit from bi-weekly or as-needed one-hour sessions with our skilled professionals, depending on each individual’s pace and progress.

Ongoing Case Management in IOP

  • Continual Support: In line with Asheville’s community-focused values, our case management services include bi-weekly or as-needed meetings with CADC/NCCPSS. This encompasses a broad spectrum of support services, ranging from care coordination to handling various administrative and planning needs, ensuring a supportive journey towards recovery.