The Best Eating Disorder Treatment Centers

Published On: July 2, 2018Categories: Eating Disorders

If you have or suspect you may have an eating disorder, it’s vitally important for your physical and mental health to have a professional evaluation. An eating disorder is a complex condition that requires careful medical management. Eating disorder treatment centers are the best places to go for help because they specialize in the management of multiple eating-related disorders. Knowing what to look for in an eating disorder treatment center can help you select one that will effectively support your recovery journey.

Residential Care

An eating disorder often doesn’t disappear overnight. Instead, it requires long-term management. However, it’s ideal to start treatment with a residential stay at a professional eating disorder treatment center staffed by licensed medical caregivers who specialize in this area of medicine. Residential care allows you to completely immerse yourself in your recovery. Round-the-clock support provided in a comfortable setting is an effective way to begin treatment for an eating disorder.

High-Quality Treatment

Many of the best eating disorder treatment centers rely on evidence-based conventional treatments for helping people recover from eating disorders. Both individual and group counseling offer individuals the opportunity to work through the various issues that surround their eating behaviors. Eating disorders, though they immensely affect physical health, are essentially mental disorders, so there is a strong emphasis on psychological therapies when it comes to treatment programs.

Alternative Therapies

Eating disorder specialists have learned that there isn’t just one path to recovery. Some individuals respond well to traditional therapies like individual counseling. Other people, however, find that expressing themselves verbally is difficult. These people might find that art therapy is more therapeutic for them. Many eating disorder treatment centers like Tapestry of North Carolina offer alternative therapies designed to promote recovery. Other therapies like equine therapy can also be effective for helping people who are suffering from an eating disorder. Some people may benefit from pharmaceutical treatments as well, particularly if they have a dual diagnosis.

Emphasis on Holistic Living

Many treatment centers for eating disorders place a strong emphasis on holistic living. Teens and adults who enter residential treatment programs for an eating disorder will engage with psychiatrists and counselors for traditional therapies, but they may also participate in healthful activities that support both mind and body health like restorative yoga. Naturally, there is also a strong emphasis placed on nutrition and food preparation. Menu planning and mealtime support are important aspects of residential programs for eating disorders.

Outpatient Care

Today’s eating disorder treatment centers also offer outpatient programs for individuals who want to remain home or for those people transitioning from an inpatient program to the outpatient model. Day treatment might involve group meals and even family involvement. Counseling is, of course, part of the outpatient platform too and provides vital support for people who are in recovery.

An eating disorder is disruptive to life and can be greatly taxing to physical health. Eating disorders are scary for individuals and scary for their families too. The best eating disorder treatment centers also provide education and support for families so that they can support their loved one throughout the treatment process. Treatment takes time, but it does support long-term recovery and effective management for eating-related disorders.

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