Reiki Therapy and Eating Disorders

Published On: September 17, 2018Categories: Therapy

Reiki therapy and eating disorders may not seem like they should be linked, but many people who suffer from binge eatinganorexiabulimia, or other disordered eating, may also have additional issues, including emotional problems and issues with addiction that could be helped with the use of Reiki Therapy. Learning more about this form of treatment to assist your loved one can be a valuable step in their recovery.

Given the interconnected nature of eating disorders and the difficulty of treating them, it makes sense for patients and their families to seek out alternative forms of treatment. Spiritual approaches like reiki therapy play a valuable role in treatment. So what is reiki, and what role can it play in helping people recover from eating disorders?

What is Reiki?

Reiki therapy has been around for centuries, yet this unique form of healing is still largely unknown in many parts of the world. Even so, more and more people are looking to reiki therapy as a solution for eating disorders, addiction, and other challenges of the modern world.

Reiki therapy harnesses the power of touch, turning it into a form of healing. Reiki practitioners use touch to channel energy, speeding healing, and helping people recover from their issues.

A Combination Approach

The complicated nature of eating disorders means that a single form of therapy may not be enough to overcome the issue. That is why many people add alternative therapies such as Reiki therapy to their existing forms of treatment, combining the healing power of touch with traditional approaches like psychological counseling and nutritional information.

This combination approach can be very powerful. If you care about someone with an eating disorder, it is important to seek individualized treatment, and that can include Reiki.

Exploring Reiki Therapy

For those who suffer from eating disorders, Reiki therapy can be an effective form of treatment. If someone you care about is currently struggling with issues related to eating, you owe it to yourself – and to them – to talk with a healthcare professional and explore the healing power of touch through Reiki therapy.


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